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friends , do say hi.

As soon as I’m done with school I’m going to create a Suicide Prevention foundation.

The highschool I went to before Swinburne this year has had a concerning number of students commit suicide this year, and the trauma of these deaths has rippled through basically everyone I know. And I myself have been to 5 funerals in the last 12 months, the majority being related to suicide. You don’t even have to know someone personally to be effected by their death. 

Basically the reason I want to start this foundation or something along those lines is because I want people to see there is more to life than sadness and being in a bad headspace, and I know it seems impossible to escape the bad feelings but I promise with the right help and support you can get through it. 

Maybe I’ll find a few people who’d join me on this mission to help lower the number of teenagers who commit suicide each year, we could talk to students in a different way to what they’ve been shown before. 

Life is so precious, I can’t describe it any better than that. 

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